My Hume Lake Vacation


Heyy!! I just got back from having a wonderful vacation with my family and friends at Hume Lake. We rent a cabin with two other families! It's a beautiful place in the mountains. It's a Christian Camp which makes it so much fun! We spend our time down at the Lake almost everyday. This week we were able to go walking, biking, kayaking, and hiking! I had so much fun. I absolutely loved being able to hang out and play card games and watch movies together at night. I've been to Hume many times before but every time I go I still fall in love with it. I always see so many blue jays, red robins, bears, and lots of deer and even bald eagles. I love exploring and seeing all of God's beautiful creation. At Hume I do not receive cell phone reception so it makes my week even more relaxing, with not having all that distraction...that keeps me away from spending time with my family! One of my favorite things is to have a camp fires and eat s'mores! (but anything with chocolate is amazing) :) So anyways my week at Hume was absolutely amazing! I'm so thankful I was able to go, and I can't wait to go back. I hope you enjoy these photos I took when I was there! Thanks <3




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