My Five Top Favorite Starbucks Drinks


These are my five top favorite Starbucks drinks! Ha-ha. I know this post is a little different then anything I've posted before but I'm always wanting to be brave and try new things to order at places I go. The only problem is I never know If I'm going to like it and then I'll regret getting my favorite! So I thought this post might help some of you who love Starbucks drinks and who are tired of ordering the same drink all the time! I made this collage of my five top favorite drinks. I'm not sure this is in order of my photo but here are the names of the drinks: 1) Double Chocolate Chip Mocha Frapp. 2) Black Iced Tea. 3) Carmel Frappicino. 4) Passion Tea. 5) Salted Carmel Frapp. I hope your able to try these drinks and love them! Whenever I'm craving something sweet, sugary, I always think of Starbucks! Ha-ha. So enjoy! :)


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