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Pedicures can be more tricky for me, when it comes to maintenance and keeping my feet looking nice! It seems like the internet is full of  tips for manicures so here are some tips for pedicures! Feet are ugly (sorry, it's the truth) and unless you have them painted all year round they can be yucky! So if you're like me, your toes are hidden in the winter (obviously) & in the spring I start wearing my sandals so now is the time to remember these tricks!!

*How often should you get your toes done?
You can never care for your feet too often, but weekly pedicures aren't necessary either. Once every 2 weeks is totally fine during the Summer months. 

*Tips for making your polish last longer & look amazing!
- Obviously a good top coat is the trick, so I love Sinful Colors top coat, it just seems to keep my nails looking good! Another personal fave, is from Avon! 
Never use a protein enriched and strengthener product together. It will cause your polish to crack (no good). Try to only apply a nail protein to bare nails instead.
Applying a cuticle oil to your nails when they are already polished will hydrate and bring moisture into the skin, helping the polish last longer.

*Feet maintenance & prevent heels from cracking
Working a foot scrub into your heels is a great way to remove dead skin. Avoid using pumice stones since they trap bacteria and try using a diamond file instead. After feet are fully exfoliated, rinse, moisturize with a non-greasy lotion, and begin painting. 
 Light oil, Shea Butter or Vaseline can be used to moisturize the heals and help prevent cracking. 
If you have blisters, leave them for the professionals (you'll end up doing more harm than good if you try to pop them).


  1. I like never ever go without nail polish on my toes year round - it just grosses me out if my toes aren't painted!! :) Great tips!!!

    1. I so agree! I love painted nails, + it's very relaxing!

  2. Thank you for sharing how to make nail polish last longer!! Vaseline with cotton gloves or socks on hands and feet is AMAZING!

    So happy to have stumbled across your blog! it is so very cute!

    xo, Kendall + Kelsey || The Radiant Life Blog

  3. Honey, you're awesome! Thanks a lot for this great blog.


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