Recently I've come across some wonderful devotional apps! I'm not one for reading on a tablet, rather a book in my hand is what I prefer especially when I'm doing my devotion in the morning. I like to be able to highlight, and mark up my pages and take notes. On my iPhone I find that it can be challenging to do some of those things, but I've been using a few different apps when I'm low on time in the morning I will whip out my phone and it works just fine! Hopefully these apps can help and inspire you, like they have been for me! Comment below and share what apps you love for a good devotion in God's word, I'd love to be familiar with more!

This devotional is my favorite that I'm sharing with you today! The layout is so clean and simple which makes it very easy to figure it out. One feature that caught my eye was that they offer free lock screen wallpaper photos for your iPhone! I believe I've downloaded every image they've created. Their different topical devo's are titled plans, and they vary on the number of days they last. For example one plan is all about hospitality and it runs for 24 days. The only downfall is not every plan is free, they usually cost $1.99 for the whole package, but one nice thing is your able to sample the first day to see how you like it enough to purchase it! The writing style of these women are amazing and I love everything they have to say! So helpful and these devo's are the perfect way to start my morning!

This app is perfect for the everyday use! I love that this app doesn't require any type of purchasing and everything is free. Every day they post a new little devotional and I believe It's available for one week, but then after that so many new daily posts come up and some old ones get lost. Another great feature is there's a section for prayer, and you can type up some of your requests and send them in, and they have a prayer team that will support you! I found that to be very neat. Theres not more to say other than I love, love, love this devo!

This devotional app is a ot like She Reads Truth in the way it's set up and the fact that it has plans you can purchase. I really like how helpful this app is, and everything they have to say! Again, this app has some really pretty photos to go along with their plans, unfortunately you cannot download them, but it's nice to see them in the format of the text! Definitely be sure to get this app!!

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