y high school years were incredible in so many ways through the friendships I made, places I traveled to, and learning and growing into the person I am today. High school was a time that brought so much joy into my life. The support and encouragement I gained through finishing strong as a senior was truly amazing. I loved my classes, and being able to be homeschooled. My education was very unique and designed just for me and my personality, which helped me grow tremendously. Mine was classical education, which entailed lots of reading, and essays. My mom always made an effort in my social life such as field trips to sea world for science, the body museum for human anatomy, whale watching as a class, and so many more. I'm so grateful for my education and what my high school years taught me to be prepared for college.

Most importantly, in high school I grew as a person, and figuring out my likes and dislikes. I discovered that I was an introvert, and with time learned to view it as a virtue instead of a fault like society taught me. I let my true personality shine, by being a leader, standing up for my beliefs, and being kind to all. Even when every laughed, or gave me that face, I never kept quiet about my love for Justin Bieber. I started this blog as a freshman, and learned how to shape my creative abilities in personal style, photography, and simple DIY's. In high school is when I developed some beautiful friendships, two of who I can still call my best friends today.

Now that I just ended my first year of college, it's made me think back to my high school days, and wishing I could go back and tell myself some things to keep me from worrying, or feeling less important than everyone around me. High school is a whole different ball game than college, and it's one that I loved, yet glad it ended because it was difficult, stressful, competitive, arrogant, and selfish. It's definitely the hardest time of one's social life. Girls are all about gossiping, fighting over guys, and being thin. I'm sure by now, a list of names are clouding your mind, and those memories are coming back. It's the time when everyone is trying to fit in, and be noticed. The makeup gets heavier, clothes become shorter, and every single trend is followed. Life will always have mean people, and competition, but nothing beats high school. So today, here are some things high school taught me, and a few things I wish I could would have known!

CLOTHES DON'T DEFINE YOU: Man is this one true! I love fashion, and putting together an adorable outfit, and look nice when I show up to school and events, but it certainly doesn't define who you are as a person. Remember making a huge deal when it came to your first and last day of school? When you would buy a brand new outfit no one has seen you in, just for this special occasion? Your outfit was new, hair curled, makeup perfect, and a cute backpack to match. Well, as wonderful as this was, college isn't even close to that first day back to school. The first day of my freshman year of college, I picked out my outfit the night before, and got ready in such a way to boost my self confidence. When I parked, and began walking on campus, you wouldn't believe the outfits I encountered. Girls wore sweatpants, oversized tops, hair was up in a pony tail, and books in their hands. Blew my mind! How could anyone show up like that on the first day? Little things you'll have to get use to in college! I wish I could go back, and tell myself that even though looking beautiful and having that strong self esteem on that first day back to fall semester isn't everything, nor the end of the world if it doesn't go as planned.

FRIENDS COME & GO: I've never realized how ridiculous those popular girls were in high school or at youth group, but it's something that doesn't last. Did you ever have your feeling hurt by not being included, or feeling like you weren't good enough to be associated with them? Possibly made you wish you had more friends, or dressed like them? Yep, me too! We've all been there amirite? Every social environment has some type of "populars" in some shape or form, it won't ever go away, no matter our ages. But, it's hurtful and mean. In my opinion the worst part of high school. However, the funny thing is, now that it's been a year, and everyone has grown up a little bit, looking back on what I thought was the popular ones, are no longer friends. They all split up, and went there own way. I believe that it's because their friendship was based off of a competitive vibe, which becomes fake. Yet, even though they had more than five friends who all went to the mall together every Friday night, could never replace the two very best friends I still have today in my life. It's important to have real friends who you can trust, and grow together with, instead of some fake imitation of what teenage girls are suppose to be like.

OH BOYS: Did you have your first love in high school? Oh good, I'm not the only one then :). Chasing after boys, fighting for their attention is fun, especially with your girlfriends continue to help you in certain situations, making you feel embarrassed or putting you in the spotlight. Well, those crushes, or close friendships are fun while they last with that certain someone, but in my case faded away with time. The heartache, and troubles I faced, were real and difficult especially within my group of friends. Yet it was something that made me stronger, and realize the qualities I desire in my future spouse. I wish I could go back and tell myself that relationships in high school may be harmless, and perhaps more of a best friend scenario, (like in my case) it's not the end all and be all. I look at my friends who actually had boyfriends, and it went nowhere. Boys are just something you can't escape in high school especially with your feelings, yet you can change the way you respond to those feelings. In high school boys aren't worth the tears and pain. That's what college is for!


  1. These are amazing things that you've learned! Once you graduate college I'm sure you'll be able to write another, completely different list!

    1. Thank you! Your too kind. I actually haven't thought about that, but your so right! Excited to continue learning through college, and witness the new differences! Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Yes, please keep us updated!! :) and you explained this post so well that I can't even do, LOL! I have trouble explaining things.

    3. Oh for sure! Thank you, I love to express my thoughts on ABH! Hope your doing well.

  2. I too learned so much about myself in school. Glad you've had a good experience.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. OMG yes me too! I'm still learning:)


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