pring time is my favorite and therefore it deserved a list of my favorite beauty and lifestyle products, and what's better than putting together a favorite's post! I'm so excited for today's post, I've been saving it for just the right occasion!

                                                          Let's dive in!


Anthropology is my favorite shop because it's filled to the brim with lifestyle products that are perfect for home decor, and luxury beauty items! To be honest I have spent hours on end just browsing through every little shelf because I could literally purchase every product for my future home someday, ha! I believe this product has been mentioned on my blog before, but considering it's spring time, it just had to be included. I'm obsessed with burning candles because it makes me feel so relaxed at at ease with my surroundings and myself personally. This coconut milk mango candle smells heavenly. I find it so challenging to describe scents, but I can say that it contains the perfect amount of coconut/tropical scent along with the hint of mango that is just perfect for spring!

                                            THE BODY SHOP 

Over the holiday's I was gifted the coconut body butter from The Body Shop, and I'm loving it!! Are you sensing a theme yet...I love the scent of coconut! This brand is only in the UK, so they're aren't any stores that I can explore here in California, but obviously they do ship to the US. I've found this body butter to be very motorizing for my body, and it feels so healing on my skin. It's probably because I'm a tad bit sensitive, but when I apply the body butter it feels cold to the touch. However, that feature makes me feel super relaxed and refreshed.


Especially because I drive everywhere now with my school and work schedule, sunglasses are a must! Leaving home without them is never ideal, because I literally cannot drive with some type of sun protection for my eyes. It seems like no matter where my destination may be, the sun is always shinning in my direction, ha! I don't need prescription eyewear, so I always pick up a cheap pair at the mall. I bought these heart shaped ones at Tilly's for less than fifteen dollars, and I love how fun they are! These types of shades are perfect for my lifestyle because I tend to either lose, or break them within months, so this way they are easily replaceable!


  1. Oh I really want to smell that coconut candle now. I love all things coconut as well. And those sunnies are perfect for the summer.

    1. Haha, believe me, it's my favorite candle ever! Thanks for stopping by ABH.

  2. I love that body butter! It's the best! That candle sounds divine!

    1. Oh me too! I'm gonna need to buy another soon:)

  3. I love those Sunnies!! I want to get one of those now


  4. I thought this was so cute! My mum also uses the coconut body butter too, she's says its amazing. I definitely have to try it.
    Also thank you for your helpful email regarding starting my blog.
    Its finally up and running. Let me know what you think
    xo, Moni

    1. Thank you!! :) Oh I'm so glad...I was afraid you never received a reply back! Your blog is looking great.

  5. Oh I'm so tempted to try the Body Shop Body Butter, I love the smell (and taste!) of coconut too!


    Harriet Pattison | A UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  6. Yes you must! It's wonderful. Thanks for stopping by.


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