while back, I collected some podcasts that seemed interesting to listen to, yet never got around to taking the time to relax and take a listen. Now that it's summer, I've carved out some special time during my afternoon to explore some unique podcasts. I love hearing people's opinions, and hearing their thought process. It reminds me of my coffee talk posts, and favorite Youtube videos to watch. Here are a list of podcasts I enjoy listening to. Tell me which one is your favorite?

THE LIVELY SHOW: I cannot say enough wonderful things about this podcast! Jess Lively is the founder, who is full of empowering advice. She is a full time blogger, traveler, vlogger, and runs the Lively Show! This podcast has SO much to offer from career advice, self worth, monthly favorites, dating experiences, and fears regarding life. Listen to my favorite episode here.

ELISE GETS CRAFTY: This podcast is perfect is your wanting to have some great inspiration in your ear daily when discussing blogging, business, and creativity. This podcast brings a long some great guests which keeps things real and mixes it up through the conversation! There are endless episodes to listen to, so you won't be bored, nor have a hard time finding the perfect topics to understand.

CREATIVE START: Love this podcast! Cortnee Loren Brown is the host, and does an excellent job choosing some special guests. The idea of this podcast is to capture the beginning of some creative designers, business, and blogging women, sharing their story of their creative start! Cortnee has her guests talk from the beginning of their elementary years of how they incorporated art into their life, and how they began to develop some a love for creative inspiration, to how they made it a life career and a successful business built off of true passion. Cortnee is also a blogger and shares some wonderful advice and I'm obessed with her layout space, along with the deep understanding of the foundation of her podcasts, herself, and blog!

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Such a neat podcast here! Jen Carrington is such a great host, and I must admit her British accent is why I listen to her (blushing now). This podcast is awesome because she incorporates quests, and showcases her own opinions in separate episodes. My favorite are her mini episodes, because they range from 7-10 minutes, which is perfect when your getting ready in the morning, or driving to work, not feeling like you have to sit down and concentrate for close to an hour like most podcasts! Listen to my favorite episode here. 


  1. Love these podcasts!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. Ooh, great recommendations! I love Jess -- she's so sweet in person too! xo

  3. I love a good podcast, and I love getting recommendations for them! I will have to check these out!


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