6.01.2016 Oceanside, CA, USA

ucculent cafe is a coffee shop I've wanted to visit now for the longest time, and I finally had the chance to spend the morning and go with my best friend, who you probably already know, Alex! This cafe is located in Oceanside, CA right next to the pier which is perfect for the rest of the day! I've had this cafe bookmarked on Yelp for the longest time and I'm so glad I was able to go with Alex, and make a photoshoot moment out of it!

The scenery and ambiance was beautiful and so peaceful. As you can see from the photos, the entire patio is covered with succulents, and water fountains. They had many tables and chairs, and sofa seating, and coverings in case of crowds, or weather. I adore succulents, so the entire concept was amazing. They had so many different types of succulents, and the best part was that you could purchase some right there (I was tempted). I mean how cute are these walls covered in succulents? Literally my favorite part of the whole patio area, and what drove me to this cafe!

It makes the perfect place for photoshoots, and the gals working there were great about letting us have fun with our camera's, honestly we weren't the only one's there making a scene which was nice ha-ha, because everyone is capturing the beauty with their iPhones. This morning was just so fun with Alex, and it's what I've been longing for especially this summer. I have this little list of places I want to explore more of which are local spots. I've been born and raised in Cali, yet there are so many areas I've never been to, or know much about. So happy, this cafe can finally be crossed off my list!

Sadly I'm noticing that I am not a Gilmore girl in the sense of being able to handle five cups of coffee a day (cry) let alone a few sips. That's right, pure heartbreak. Coffee gives me migraines, and it can put me under for the whole day. As you see, I did order a latte specifically for photos, and within three sips I already felt it coming, so as for the coffee and drinks they offer I really cannot give a fair review on the great taste they are known for. However, the scenery is just too beautiful for words, and would go back just for the fun of it all! You must try it for yourself, to experience such unique beauty right by the beach.


  1. Such a fun day! It really is a great place

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! What a creative space!

  3. We have a place very similar to that here in Nevada. It is a water garden and they have tons of succulents. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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