Blog Tips for Starting a New Blog


Oh blogging can be such joy, but when you're not sure how to start one, what to write about, or how to make one worth can be a little irritating. So here are a few tips for starting a new blog.

How to chose a blog name? Be creative. Choose a name that has meaning to you. Try to think of some words you love and put it together. It also depends on the kind of blog you create. Because if you want to create a fashion blog you will usually want a fashion type name, the same goes for a DIY blog, make up blog, photography blog, and for a personal life blog. Pick a blog name that Is catchy. One that everyone would remember!

How to create a blog that others would enjoy reading // visiting? Create a blog with a good layout. A layout that isn't confusing, but rather clean and well organized. Also an adorable design makes a worlds difference. Paying someone to design your blog, is an amazing start to a great blog. Because a new background and layout makes your blog look more professional.

How to reach more followers? Join social networks such as, Google plus, Facebook, twitter, blog-lovin, pinterest, instagram, and photo bucket. Sharing all your blog news, photos, and blog posts through these social networks should spread the word about your blog. The more the better. Mostly because you can reach everyone with each social media. You may notice I do not have a facebook, twitter, or blog-lovin! So another way to spreading it by word of mouth. Tell your friends and family. By spreading the word anyway can help your business or blog a lot.


  1. Great tips! They will be really helpful to me for the blog I am making!! Thanks a bunch!


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