Needing Inspriation?


Having trouble figuring out what to write about? Out of new fresh ideas? Well your in luck because here are some tips for new blogging post ideas! Hope this is helpful. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions // topics you would like me to write on!

What to write about? Write about things that made your week special. Any type of DIY projects, blog about them. Any new recipes you make, blog them. Create fashion posts. Blog about your personal life, what might be on your heart. Post some favorite quotes, verses, or even photos. Write on bible studies. Anything exciting that happens, blog about it.

How often should you post? If you can post three or four times a keeps your readers interested. Though this can be challenging, mostly because it takes up a lot of time trying to put together a new post. Be careful though because posting everyday can sometimes be very overwhelming for certain readers. If you can not put a lot of time into your blog, posting at least twice a week you can still gather many new readers // supporters.

Should you post photos? Posting photos make your blog come alive. It makes it personal...and yet very exciting for others to see // explore. Though too many photos can become overwhelming. More than ten photos can just be too much. But always remember photos add a unique and lovely touch to any blog!



  1. Wow, fabulous post Jenna!! Sometimes I feel like I'm posting too much on my blog, but I feel like God lays something on my heart each day- so maybe I'll try to cut back on that. Thanks for posting this!! I loved your ideas!!

    1. Thanks Britt! :)) Wow that is so neat, I think when The Lord puts something on your heart an you want to write on it, and then post it :) Every blogger is different and blogs the way they like. For me, it can be overwhelming, always seeing a new post, or having to read a long post. But I'm not too "wordy." Lol :) Rememer though every blogger had a unique touch to their blog! I'm glad you found this helpful!!!

    2. Thanks Jenna!! I feel the same way, if I feel God leading me to write something, then I feel I should post it, but I don't want to overwhelm my readers either- haha... :) Thanks for this post- I truly will think about some of the stuff you wrote in it!! And I know I've told you this before, but everytime I visit I just am in awe of your beautiful design- I love the colors!!! :) Thanks again for the post!!

    3. Haha! Yes Britt, I think there has to be a good balance, and everyone blogs differently and that's great too! :) Awh. Thank you. I am very happy with my new design, I needed it badly lol


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