DIY cards!


I love making special note cards for my friends or family, mostly because I enjoy writing and I love DIY projects/crafts! So today I am going to show you some fun patterns/ideas to use when making cards. Handmade note cards just give a whole new look to a wrapped gift or a just because letter, so these patterns should be perfect!

What you'll need:
-washi tape
-scrap booking tape
-a cute decorative stamp

                                    Step 1: choose some paper, and cut it out.
                                    Step 2: tape the two paper's together
                                    Step 3: add the stamp and some washi tape, then your done!


See this adorable "hello" stamp?! Well Kristina from "Stamp Couture" has kindly offered all of my readers, a special coupon code for 15% off your entire order in August, and September. The code is "ABEAUTIFULHEARTBLOG."  Her shop is filled with all kinds of craft supplies. I absolutely love her stamps because she hand makes them, and the design print on the stamp turns out beautifully
on any piece of paper! Okay and washi can I just say it's the best thing ever! I am washi tape obsessed. ha-ha. As you can see in the photos, you can use washi tape many ways when it comes to making cards, along with many other DIY projects (feature blog posts?...stay tuned). So seriously if you can get your hands on some washi tape, you won't be sorry...I promise :)


 teal washi tape c/o by; the sewing post, pink bow washi tape c/o by; pretty tape, stamp c/o by; stamp couture.


  1. That's super cute!!! What exactly is washi tape? I think I've heard of it.... :)


    1. Thanks! Washi tape is basically decorative tape. its really awesome and great for many crafts. :)

  2. Great post!!) Your blog is very cool!)
    Maybe we can follow each other?)


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