Finding Your Style // Understanding of all Fashion Styles


The very first thing to do when finding your style is, to know about various styles. That way you can select one that suits you best. When considering and examining each style, think about which ones would look best on you, and which one's are the most practical. Which style are you going to be able to wear the most? Which style is the most affordable for your budget? I love so many different styles, but some I cannot pull off, nor do I feel comfortable in them. You may find that you love all these styles, and don't know which one can be "your" style. Therefore when you go shopping try to look for all different styles that you like, try them on, and then decide which ones work best. It is important to remember to choose a style that you love, instead of one that is trendy or most popular. In each  category I give below at the end I provided words that described that particular style. This can help when your out shopping and you don't know what exactly your looking for. So when you look at certain clothes hanging on the rack you able to use those words and see if they match those clothes you gathered!

Style is a very personal thing. It is a statement and it tells a story. It is a way for women to stand out, and be noticed. So really make sure you go with a style that portrays the look you want. It tells the world the right message. Fashion can clearly give a certain type of image, and therefore explains your personality and character.  It's so interesting that just by looking at a girl you can tell who she is, and who she wants to be. It can be the way she shows her body, or the text that is displayed on her shirt.  So be sure that, your image matches with who you are underneath as well as what your wearing on the outside.
The country girl look is one of my favorites! I love have rustic it can be, yet so girly. I love the cowgirl boots, and hats. With this style you can wear jeans, or dresses your options are wide! To me this look is so comfy and perfect for any occasion. I own cowgirl boots and wear them with everything. The best thing about this style is that you can add any pieces to it, and I bet 90% of the time it will match! I love wearing this style in the summer, and for school! Words to describe this style; rustic, plaid, comfy, blue jeans,  & simple.

Vintage goes a lonnng way back! Its feminine and girly. This style consists of high heels, hundreds of dresses, string of pearls, and cute straw hats. Its perfect for spring, and summer. This style is rare, but so beautiful. Depending on how bold you are...this style doesn't really work for school or work, but is great for church, or social outings! Words to describe this style; old fashioned, floral, feminine, pearls, & colorful.

Preppy Style is one of my favorites. It's so elegant and girly. Because I'm a high schooled students this style does nothing for me...I'm simply too young (in my opinion.) But this style is so easy to add pieces to, as you can see in the first photo she's wearing jeans. All she did to make it look more dressy was add a navy blazer over her plaid shirt! It gave it that effortless look. Remember you don't have to go all out to make an outfit look preppy! Its adding staple pieces that are dressy and very sophisticated. For inspiration Kate Williams (aka the Princess) it a great gal to gather ideas from. Her style is absolutely gorgeous and is very classy. Words to describe this look; classy, elegant, sophisticated, & dressy.

Bohemian is so beautiful and girly to me. This style is great for a girls night out. Boho tends to be a little more dressy and therefore isn't something you could wear everyday to school, work etc. Sometimes, depending on the pieces this style can be a little too flashy, but as long as you add a more modest clothing pieces to it, it can be beautiful. But this style is awesome for the summer and beach days. Here are some words to help you describe this style; flow, free, girly, lace, white, loose, & feminine.
(source for all photos, is pinterest)

Urban Casual is definitely my style. Its comfy, simple, yet very cute and stylish. This style is perfect for school, work, or fun night outs. It works for all ages! With this style you can add some trendy pieces along with some classic styles. Urban tends to be very clean and plain. Its not crazy with patterns or colors, but rather mellow and sophisticated. Words to describe this style; plain, casual, simple, comfy, loose, & modern.


  1. honestly, i'm thinking my style could be a mix of all of these, well... not the vintage one, thats too girly for me, but all the others, definitely!

    would you mind going to my blog and look at the outfit i wore under 'Basketball Game' and define that style of outfit that i wore? i'm curious what you would call it!!? Thanks Jenna!!!!


    1. Yes sometimes I am too. But when it comes down to having one style being "your style," its the one that is your go-to clothing everytime. You can like a mixture of styles but which one do you buy and have more of? That's how you will know.

      Okay well your friend is definitely rockin the country girl style. I'd say you have a tiny bit of prep (only cause your coat), and urban causal. Your boots and scarf make it urban casual. :) Hope this helps.

    2. I think I agree with you on my outfit. haha :) Thanks so much for giving your advice! :)

    3. Oh sure, anytime. :) I love answering questions for my readers.

  2. I would say I'm an urban classic as well! Good job on this post Jenna!

  3. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    Can I be greedy and say that I please want the ability to wear all those styles perfectly? ;-)

    Have a great day,

    1. Haha yes I know what you mean. I would love to incorporate each style into my life, but sadly its just not possible.

  4. Fantastic post concept Jenna! And so well executed! Really enjoyed this <3 Alex

  5. This is really great! Love the words to describe it at the bottom! really helps!

  6. Thank you for sharing this :)
    I am the vintage one I believe

  7. WOW, Jenna you really outdid yourself. This was a great post, it perfectly described each style at it's best. I would say that I am definitely a urban casual, but I love the country and preppy style. In a comment above, you mentioned that your style is your go-to outfit, well I have a few outfits that I know I will love wearing and look great as well, and they are urban casual. Thanks for the good work Jenna.


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