Summer Reading


Reading in the summer is what I look forward to the most. I love to read, but it's very challenging for me to find a good book that's worth reading. I've found that I love reading fiction and particularly romance. Adventure is exciting too, but I tend to fly threw books that include a little bit of romance. I haven't shared any books that I enjoy reading yet here on the blog, so I thought it would be most appropriate because it's summer, which is the perfect time to start plugging through your pile of books!

For 2014, one of my new years resolutions was to read five new books. In school I have to read so much that reading for fun, doesn't even cross my mind! So here are four books that I highly recommend this summer if you're hunting around for a few incredible books.

A Walk to Remember
This book is incredible, and it's definitely one of my all time favorites. If you've seen the movie, than I promise you the book is ten times better. The movie stayed pretty close to the book but of course, there's a few things they always leave out. The book has more Christian views and perspectives. The character's have more morals and values than what the movie portrayed, specifically the main characters. I watched the movie first and then read the book a few months later because of how much I loved the story. But once I read the book the entire story came alive and definitely changed the meaning of it! I can't explain too much of what the books about, but here's a brief description of it. The main character, Landon Carter starts hanging out with the wrong crowd of people and is being influenced in the worst of ways. Because of his rude behavior he's forced to participate in a school play and keep clean up around his school campus. Through drama Landon was able to gain some help practicing his lines by Jamie Sullivan. Throughout the middle of the book a little spark of love begins to appear, but there are many bumps in the road they have to overcome.

Introverts in the Church
This book is nonfiction and is really good. I believe I'm on chapter 3 but I already love this book and I've learned so much already. I picked this book up because lately I've been feeling like the topic of introverts hasn't been positive and therefore I needed to hear the good things about being an introvert and learn how to embrace it. I love the way Adam writes and describes things in this book, and he has great advice and tips. I feel like us introverts have a hard time fitting in at church or figuring out our place of where we belong. We feel uncomfortable when we are forced to speak up in a circle of girls to share our prayer requests, or when we walk in a room with thirty random people we don't know. So instead of trying to interact we remove ourselves completely from the youth or church in general! So this book is such a helpful guide to finding your way in the church especially as introverts.

Gone With the Wind
This book is very thick, but don't let that stop you from reading it! I've just stated this one, and I have a feeling it will take me a while to finish but so far I love it! My friend has given me hope because she said that it only took her two days to finish it, because it was that good. I recently just had a movie day with all my friends and we watched the Gone with the Wind, so now I'm really excited to start powering through it. I'll have to give you all an update once I get through it more.

Love Finds You: Sunset Beach
This book is amazing! I've re-read it many times too. Robin Jones Gunn is my favorite author, & she's signed many books for me in the past! This book is sort of a part of the Sierra Jensen series, but it's the continuing book of her story. This book is so good and I love the relationships between the characters! The way Robin Gunn writes it so beautiful and I love the way she describes each scene and character! Every book I read from her, I literally can't put it down. I'm always hooked right on the first chapter! You'll definitely have to grab up this book, believe me you won't be sorry!


  1. I've been really enjoying reading this summer as well! I've gotten into John Grisham books recently, so that's kept me busy.

  2. I've been wanting to read Gone With the Wind for a long time! My mom always talks about how she loved the book more than the movie. I looked on Audible and it's 50 hours!

  3. Gone With The Wind - what a classic and great choice!


  4. I love Nicholas Sparks books. & I LOVE gone with the wind. I used to watch the movie everyday when I was a little girl! ;)

  5. I love A walk to Remember and Gone with the Wind is such a classic! I love your picks.


  6. Ouu, some good reads here! I read a walk to remember while back - such a sad story, no?! And I LOVE gone with the wind, which I also read rather quickly (three days). I enjoyed it much more than the movie though - as is usually the case, eh!


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