Is there ever a night when you're not on your laptop, or phone? How about wondering about certain emails, or notifications? For the most part, being a blogger or Youtuber makes unplugging very difficult, and a little impossible. But recently I've noticed the toll social media has on me, and the time it takes out of my day. In the blogging community I feel like the number one advice everyone gives, is stay connected and build your social media accounts. It's a lot of work constantly being online and interactive. All I hear is "do more." As helpful social media can be, it also has it's cons.

Don't get me wrong I love social media, and in fact I use it everyday. Rather, I don't want it to be my everything, and main focus in the morning. Rarely do we hear people encourage one another to take a break or choose a day to cleanse from the media.

Instead my goal is to take a day out of my week and disconnect myself from media. Taking a time to reflect and focus on some goals. I want to keep as much inspiration as I can especially for this blog. I believe one way to do that is to look at the little things around you and everything that's in your life. Gathering fresh ideas is what I'm needing and I find that it doesn't happen by checking my Facebook feed or Instagram photos. I encourage you to also take a break and replug from your social media feed! Let's do this challenge together! I think it'll be a great adjustment to the new year! 

| "Get offline, free your mind & go outside. Look up at the sky. Take in the beauty of the real world, exchange a smile. Reclaim free time. Update your state, not just your status. Disconnect to reconnect. |

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