Blogging is an act of journaling for my soul, and therefore my ultimate goal is to share everything and anything that changes the direction of my life. When I began A Beautiful Heart, I was a freshman in highschool sharing photos from homecoming, summer camp with my youth group, process of driving, Virginia trip, Maui with my bestie, family vacations in Hume Lake, Oahu vacation, senior photos, and before I knew it, that chapter of my life ended. Emotionally and mentally I've grown and become my own person. The age of eighteen is more than senior photos in high-school, and waiting for the day you receive your permit with your photo ID. The reality of being eighteen begins with finding your purpose in life, taking on the roles of responsibility, making life choices, and figuring out the way of life as an adult. Ending one chapter, and beginning a new brings stress, fear, sadness, excitement, confusion, and all of the above for myself personally. So because this blog is essentially my online journal, I'm here to write about a new chapter in my life and the title of the chapter is; College.

This is my first semester in college and (so far), I'm really enjoying it! College is such a different ball-game than high-school, and I really do love the change. I have the freedom to do my homework whenever I choose, take a bathroom break whenever I wish, or text in class if it's an emergency. In college you are responsible for your own grades, participation, and homework. That feeling will never grow old - it's wonderful.

For my first two years I chose the path of Community College instead of a University. I won't lie and pretend I haven't dreamed of attending a University, and it is my goal to apply in two years, but I am very happy with my plan. My fear over the summer was, what if I can't handle the work? I use to randomly get stomach's because of how worried I was about it. Oh if only I knew then how easy it would be. I'm here to give you comfort if you too have/had the same fear as I did, college isn't as scary as it's made out to be. The work load may be heavier than what you're use to in high school, but nothing that deserves a stomache over.

Like I mentioned, a University has definitely been my dream and ideal path. When I was a junior in high school I promised myself that I would not attend a University, and that it's so not for me. Well, my dear friend Emily and I attended the "spend the night" experience at Biola University because it happened to be her dream college, so I tagged along! What could be better than spending a night in a dorm room, sitting in on college classes, eating at the cafeteria? I packed my bags and we both traveled down together. Emily had high hopes, and I going just to support her and for the fun of it. It only took a simple tour around campus to quickly change my mind about the University life. I instantly fell in love with it. One problem - it makes no sense to go to a University to become a dental hygienist and be in debt, than to go to a community college/trade school and have no debt. Therefore my decision for the community college route.

Many people have completely dissed the idea of a community college path, and have ignored the benefits it has to offer. I understand the ideal beauty that comes with a university, but I believe so many people forget that it's still college too. Both require the same class list, and homework level, and ranking of professors. I wanted to write this post specifically to encourage you college girls out there or high school seniors, to explore the benefits of a community college.


1. Cost Efficient // Let's just be real and state the obvious, it's way more affordable. It's honestly one reason why I chose it over Biola or CBU. The thought of being in debt scares me, and if I can avoid it in any way, I will. Not having to worry about the thousands of dollars that my tuition includes takes such a heavy burden off my back. With the tuition money I'm saving, I'm able to focus on buying a car, saving for my future, and having fun in the present.

2. Explore New Options // A community college makes changing your major so much easier. Yes, I suppose this is true for a University too, but I believe it's a little different. My major is undecided at the moment, and I don't have this problem of it ruining my four year plan. Every class is either GE or for an AS, so if you decide to change majors it will most likely not affect your degree (BA).

3. Leave Home // Nope, don't have to! If your a home girl, or mommy's girl than you have the glorious option of still living at home. An easy 30 minute commute to classes and then back at home. Now sometimes I wonder what my dorm room would look like and the life it would give me. But then I walk into my room, with my queen bed, fall candle, picture frames, and personal space and then my wish for a dorm room suddenly leaves my mind. I love being able to eat dinner with my family and have my mom prepare my favorite can't get that at a University (cafeteria pizza). If I'm not feeling well I can take a bath, lite candle, wear my pj's, and not have to worry about who will step into my room. Oh the comfort of home!

4. Not Much Change // You might love this, maybe more than I do, but it's true a community college doesn't involve that earth-shaking change in your life. You're still able to attend church with your family, live in your bedroom, cuddle with your pets, stay in your hometown, shop at your local favorites, spend time with family members, and stay involved in certain activities. Grantee, most of your friends may leave out of state, like my best friends :(, but perhaps some people will chose the same as you! Not everyone is up for change like me, so I take it as a benefit in my life.

5. Taking it Slow // Not slow as in classes or dedication to earn your degree. Rather getting your feet wet. Even though it's a community college, it's still college. You still have 15 units a semester, paper's due every week, quizzes and midterms, and 50 classmates. What I mean is you're able to concentrate on college itself rather than your dorm room, meeting people, being friends with the girls on your floor, never saying no to activities and events on campus, walking to the cafeteria every night, and leaving your family and friends behind, so basically finding your way around this new unfamiliar place. All I have to figure out is my classes. How to succeed and receive an A grade. All the other stuff eliminates stress in my life. For some, they live off of change and meeting people, and others (like myself) view it simply as stress and fear. If you're not ready to leave home, or venture out by yourself, I encourage you to listen to that. You don't have to be the norm and jump into what everyone is doing or because you feel expected. I feel like this idea "taking it slow" is viewed as a 'negative stereotype, but it doesn't have to be. You're the one living your life therefore live it the way you feel the most comfortable, and confident. If you're like me in this department than a community college is such a great option!


  1. I'm still in that high school phase of waiting for that photo ID and finding myself. I just want it to end. I want to take on the independence and responsibility. I want to find my purpose in life, but I feel like that's more an individual state of mind thing, separate from your circumstances.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Well, those phases should be treasured! :) That's exactly what i thought too - but I wish i could go back to high school and jr. high! THose were the good old days haha

  2. Such a great post, Girlie! Miss you so much! Alex

    1. Oh thanks girl, I wonder what amazing photographer took it for me - ;). MISS YOU


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