aving a puppy is a big responsibility. I don't regret buying Lily, but i've had to sacrifice many things because of her. My life hasn't been the same since I brought Lily home, and in many ways I cannot imagine my life without her. She's my sleeping partner, cuddle buddy, and protector. She's full of personality, and is the most adorable thing when she wears her sweaters.

Puppies are more than cute little fluff balls, that you can cuddle with. They need walks, food, baths, shots, bathroom breaks, and lots of attention. I've had to cancel trips because my pup is scared of doggy care! Potty training was a long process and seemed like it took forever to accomplishment. Grooming can be quite expensive and it's set me back a few times. However, all of these sacrifices are more than worth it! So here are some tips and questions you can ask yourself before you take the plunge and adopt a pet!

Commitment: Do you have time for a pet? Are you committed to taking it on walks everyday, play with their toys, and have designated bathroom breaks? When you adopt a puppy you are giving it a "forever home" which can last up to 15 years depending on the dog. It's important that you make your dog apart of your family and provide it with your utmost devotion.

Financial Support: This is the deal breaker for most, but it's sometimes overlooked! It's so important to sit down and squeeze in a budget for a little puppy, because if you don't you may be forced to find a new home for your pet. Under all the cuteness of little puppies, they need shots, haircuts and baths every 4-6 weeks, emergency vet visits, food, shelter, toys, leash and collar, and perhaps medication. Depending on the breed, these needs can be more expensive like if you own a Maltese like me ;).

Careful Research: Every dog needs certain needs and depending on your lifestyle it can interfere with your routine. A lab compared to a yorkie requires different levels of responsibility. Research is key because it will prepare you for the type of breed you can handle in your life. If you don't have time for morning walks, or own an acre of land it's not very smart to adopt a Husky, or Border Collie. This research will also answer the questions such as; what type of grooming does my dog need, which breed has high energy levels, where is my emergency vet, or what doggy daycare can I trust?

Training: This is so important especially if you're adopting a puppy! This training included potty training, commands, and weekend classes at your local pet store. The last thing you'd want is have your dog not listen to your command when your outfront and your neighbors walk by, or a puppy who is out of control around children. Having a trained dog can change your life and relationship with your pet dramatically!

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