appy Friday my friends!! I thought it be the perfect time to do a little life lately update, I haven't done one since February. A lot has been going on, and honestly right now I'm just preparing for Vanguard come August. I officially have four weeks left until I move on campus, and I can't wait. I still need a few last minute items for my dorm room, and school supplies for my classes once Target brings out their back to school section haha.

On a different note today I am actually going up to Hume Lake to visit my sister who is working up there right now! I've missed her so much, and so I've been count down for this mini weekend stay since I had to say 'see you soon' at the end of May. I hope to have some fun photographs from our trip on the blog after this weekend, so stay tuned!!


Watching: Right now I'm obsessed with police and crime shows! Blue Bloods season seven just came up on Netflix, and it's so good. However, does anyone else suspect it's the last season? I hope that's not the case. Another tv show I just started watching is Hawaii 5-O. I love it, because it's so extreme.

Drinking: This summer I've been craving lemonade, and I found that Chick Fil A has the best!

Busy With: Summer college classes! I'm taking nine units, all within six weeks!

Loving: My new bedding from Pottery Barn Teen for my dorm room! It's gonna be weird sleeping in a twin bunk bed, especially coming from my queen, but I think this aloha patchwork quilt will make up for that! lol.

Thinking About: What to blog about once I begin college this fall. I don't know how my set up will be in my room such as lighting, photo styling props, etc. Will I have enough time to care about my blog and be consistent? I'm not sure, therefore I'm trying to brain storm many posts I can preschedule here in my room at home. Any thoughts to help me out?

Wishing: I could have more time with my sister before I move on campus. She comes home the night before I head out. I guess I'll have to make the most of this weekend!

Thankful For: Cold air conditioning! It's so hot here in So-Cal. Some days are over 100 degrees. Yikes.


  1. Love your little puppy! If you love crime shows, check out "The Blacklist" on Netlix. I just started it and its AMAZING! Have a great week! <3


    1. Awh thanks. Okay awesome, I'll have to see! :)

  2. Chic-fil-a lemonade is amazing! I'm SO sad I live over an hour away from one!! Because now I want one...

    1. Oh my goodness. That is a long drive for a lemonade haha. Another favorite of mine you could try is Hulberts Lemonade, which can be found at any grocery store :)

  3. YAY! I love this!! Have so much fun soaking up your last days of summa!