April Through the World of Instagram


1) ice cream in Oceanside at the pier
2) in Virginia visiting Monticello's
3) got to try Rita's, a very famous place back east
4) starbucks with my sister
5) hung out with my friends
6) beach day
7) me on the swings, I am never too old to go on swings at the park lol
8) apples with almond butter one of the best snacks ever
9) a beautiful ladybug I found on a yellow rose

Dear April, why did you have to go bye so fast? April, was a gorgeous month. Every activity I was able to go do, was such a joy! So many good memories happened in April this year. I truly can not believe May is already here. Well, I am looking forward to all that I have planned for this new exciting month. :)

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  1. Looks like you had a fun filled April. Great pictures too! You are beautiful.


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