Flowers in Virginia

5.15.2013 Williamsburg, VA, USA

The flowers were absolutes gorgeous in Virginia! My favorite was the dog wood tree. There were so many different kinds of trees, flowers, and even wild flowers there. It was just so beautiful to see, cause its so different than So Cal. In California all you see is palm trees ha-ha. I had lots of fun taking some close up shots of all the flowers I saw!:)


  1. Beautiful! I took a lot of flower photos recently and posted them today. (What a coincidence, we both went to California at similar times and took flower photos at similar times!)

  2. All these flowers are so pretty! That's so true, everytime I go outside, the only thing to take pictures of is palm trees. Lol... but I'm still a California Girl ;)
    Love the pics

    1. Haha yes I am completely a California girl all the way!!! Virginia was beautiful and so much fun, but its not a place for me

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