Unless I have a date with a girlfriend, or a day planned with my family, you'd probably see me wearing yoga sweat pants, and an oversized t-shirt with very little make-up! I like to blame it on summer because during these months the weather it always in the mid 90's and the last thing I want to go do is take a shower, blow dry my hair, and put on a cute outfit! I always say this around midsummer time, but it's nice to be on a schedule and have places to go during the school year, because summertime for me is so relaxed and easygoing. As much as I love that about my summers, It felt nice this week to be able to get out, and get dressed! Let's face it, feeling beautiful and having somewhere to be can really make you feel alive and full of energy. 

This summer I have been addicted to cold beverages because of the hot weather! I talked about iced teas earlier this summer on the blog, and trying new flavors of teas, but right now I've been on a kick for lemonade! I literally never imagined myself saying that, but I picked up some the other day for a night with my friends, and I loved how refreshing it was! Let's hope some lemonade will appear in my next photo shoot, along with my puppy Lily!! What beverages have you been enjoying this summer?

shirt/Forever 21 :: boyfriend jeans, & bracelet/American Eagle :: 
sandals/Payless :: knuckle rings/local shops :: necklace/Miranda Frey 


  1. love that top!! you are so cute!


  2. you are so pretty! love your top :)

  3. This is suchhh a cute outfit!!! I LOVE the jeans! And the top is simple but very very adorable! :)

  4. You seriously have the cutest smile! And I really like your shirt!


  5. Love how the brick compliments this outfit- beautiful! <3 Alex

  6. You have a great blog! I I looove your pictures and your outfits are adorbs. :)


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