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My all time favorite piece of clothing in my closet is definitely my denim jacket. I literally wear it everyday, with every outfit. I'm sure that if you pulled up my fashion posts in the past you would see dozens of photos with this jacket! Denim jackets are perfect for the spring and summer because they are light and tend to give no warmth, they are only for style. They are a great style staple piece, because it goes with every color, every pattern, and every style. What ways do you like to style your denim jacket?

I love the fact that denim jackets give an outfit that casual easy going style, but yet it's perfect when you're running late, or when you're not in the mood to put a lot of effort into outfit, and yet they give it that effortless put together look. I've had this jacket for about three years now, and as much as I love the dark jean, I'd love to pick up one that has that light washed look. Either way, I can't image half of my outfits without this denim jacket! I guess I've come to the realization that there are certain pieces of clothing that is worth paying for. I've been trying to stay away from clothing thats cheap quality, and thin material. It's been worth it to save up for that one item I know that will last forever instead of having to constantly replace everything.

On a different note, I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July! The three day weekend has been wonderful and most needed. For the fourth I spent the day with my grandparents and had a bbq. It was nice and relaxing and very easy going. As for the remainder of my weekend, I spent a lot of time blogging and filming some new videos along with endless amount of editing. I'm so excited to share with you all my new Youtube channel which I'm hoping to launch within the next week and a half!! Comment below and let me know if there's anything special you'd like to see on my channel! I'm planning on featuring beauty, fashion, monthly favorites, and some awesome series!! Keep your eye out, because it could be any day now, that my channel is live and ready!!


  1. I know what ya mean about your jean jacket - I'm quite in love with mine and its just that item of clothing that I gravitate to when I cant think of anything else to wear with my outfit! haha
    And ohmyword where have I been?!? I didn't know you were launching a YouTube channel!! Girl I am sososooo excited now!!!! :D :D Cant wait!!


  2. I agree. I love my denim jacket! Especially this time of year, I like pairing it with my summer dresses. I love your outfit & your blog! :D

  3. A denim jacket is the perfect topper, everytime! And I wear mine non-stop!! Plus, sounds like you had an amazing 4th of July, love laid back days like that!! xoxo

  4. You have got such great use out of that denim jacket Jenna! Love how versatile it is.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  5. I don't own a denim jacket, but goodness I guess I need to get one! Haha. You look awesome Jenna ;) You can rock anything. Love ya girl!

  6. i love that the denim jacket has made a come back! its a classic casual closet staple. i did not mean to make that an alliteration, but try saying that five times fast!

  7. I love your denim jacket with a floral dress look. So cute!



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