When taking photos, I love showing a different side of me, through my emotions! It's fun to be creative and to try new things! It's nice to switch things up a bit, so I am sharing with you 3 simple and easy tips on how to capture emotion in every photo! Not everyone is a natural in front of a camera lens, and when forced to smiles, so these tips should cure the camera shyness! If you have any tips yourself, share in the comments below because I always love trying new ideas and taking photos a different way! 

Take lots of photos. Sometimes its awkward to stand in front of a camera and make silly faces, to allow yourself to feel comfortable and ready by taking many warm-up photos before hand.

Capture in-between moments. For me, the best photos taken, are the ones I wasn't expecting! It's when my smiles are relaxed, not focused on the camera lens, and I have more of a natural pose. When taking photos of others, or taking them yourself with a tripod, always been ready with the camera in your hand keeping an eye out for those moments when your subject would lest aspect a photo!

Experiment with a full range of emotion. I love trying new poses, and silly faces. But I've noticed when I experiment with more variety of emotion, it breaks the ice; I become more fun, serious, flirty, happy, and even sad! And depending on your outfit, usually your able to capture these emotions perfectly with the way you feel!


  1. Love the last two photos the most!

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Great post Jenna, I always love looking at pictures on your blog. You are beautiful inside and out!!! :)

  3. Personally I've noticed that it's usually the in-between photos that I end up uploading on my blog. There's just something about them that feels more real and less forced :-) Seems like you've mastered the art well, by the way! ^_^ xo

  4. Great post and really good tips - especially the taking warm up photos, as I always feel a bit awkward in front of the camera!

    Rebecca Kate x


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