Last First Day


School has kept me busy, but I'm enjoying my classes, which is huge! I took these photos a few weeks ago, like literally the day before I started school! I wanted to post something in honor of back to school, but this post is more for me, in a sense! I love documenting my life right here on the blog through photos and my journal thoughts in between, so this just had to be one of those types of post - my last first day of high school! Last year I posted an outfit similar to the idea of this one now, and It's crazy to see how I've changed in small areas, or how I've devolved my style, and grown as a blogger! One year can make a huge difference! Here's to my last year of high school!!

           shirt/Forever 21 :: shorts/American Eagle :: sandals, travel cup/Target :: backpack/Tilly's :: sunglasses/Maui ::


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