Traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do in life, and I've had many opportunities to explore and travel via plane. As you've probably seen from my last post, I am going to Oahu!!! Since it's a tropical trip my makeup collection is quite small, but when traveling it's best to keep everything minimal as possible. If I was planning to travel to New York, or even Boston, I would pack my Naked palette from Urban Decay, but for the beach I will only pack a few individual products that are most likely travel size.

The best part about packing makeup; is packing it in a cute makeup case/bag. Mine is from Ipsy that came in my monthly subscription service and I love the size of it! Inside my bag I will bring my favorite products and one's I can rely on for everything; humidity, waterproof, travel size, etc. I will first pack whatever product I usually use first, that way I can remember every product I use to complete my makeup routine!


Bronzor // I've never worn foundation, but in the summer I will break out my bronzer. Mine is from BareMinerals and during these golden months the color of mine finally matches my skin tone, haha. I will place this on my forehead (on the sides), a tiny bit on the nose for definition, and on my cheeks.

Eyeshadow Palette // Usually I won't pack a palette when flying to Hawaii or any water vacay, but I purchased this palette from BareMinerals about one week ago, so I just have to take it with me! I love the pink and soft shades which will be perfect for the sun and water!

Eyeliner // This is a staple for me, no matter what I'm wearing, where I'm going, or how little makeup I decide to wear that day! For this trip I'm packing my gel eyeliner from Maybelline. Oh and I have to pack this glitter eyeliner from Urban Decay because it'll be too fun for our nights out!

Mascara // Switching it up this time and choosing my current favorite; Glam Eye's from Rimmel London. I just love how it makes my lashes full and long.

Eyeshadow Primer // This is one item I cannot forget to mention nor pack in my case because I rely on it so much for special occasions! It makes my makeup last all day and I don't need to worry about my eyeshadow creasing on this trip!

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  1. I always want to take everything with me when traveling, nightmare!

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