6.19.2015 O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA

ea life park is a mini version of SeaWorld here in So-Cal and it's a park that has beautiful sea creatures! Sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, sea lions, and fish were all beautifully showcased at this park. It ended up being a great day and so fun to take photos of all the animals especially when I don't own a underwater camera, to take some photos and footage of the underwater life in Hawaii. It ended up being a great day, and I loved watching and observing these wonderful animals. It totally made me want to take a trip down to San Diego and explore SeaWorld!

These photos of the ocean, was our view the entire drive to this park. It reminded me so much of Maui and I loved every second of it. It is a blowhole so that was super cool to see in person! I also got some great footage of it because if I haven't mentioned yet, I'm putting together a video of 10 things I love about Oahu! This was definitely one of them! As I'm editing the video it makes me wish I would have done the same for when I went to Maui and Virginia! In about five days (fingers crossed) the video will be uploaded on my YouTube channel!

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