've always wanted to try out the sea salt spray from Not My Mother's Beach Waves, and finally after years of searching for it, I purchased it from Target, and love it! It's hard not to be spectacle about products like these working, especially for those beautiful beach waves, but this one really works! Believe me I would know. I've tried to make my own DIY sea salt spray, which didn't work, and many more Pinterest recipes. All were a fail, hehe. Best's only six dollars! So if you give this product a go, and it's not the best fit for your hair the invest in this hair product isn't a dramatic loss. What hair products do you use?

I love this brand because it smells like coconuts, and reminds me of perfect summer day by the water. This spray gives the perfect volume and texture to my thin and flat hair! I've learned to style my hair different ways with this spray, but the best way I've found is to spray is in my hair when it's wet (right out of the shower), and scrunch my hair until it becomes wavy. Then I'll blow dry it, which takes all the tangles out, and makes my hair not so dry or as if my hair is holding a product (like hairspray). This solution is perfect for that natural wave, and boost of volume in my hair. OR you can just scrunch it up in your wet hair, and let it air dry. This creates a very beachy wave, and as if you just swam in the ocean water! I've noticed however, letting it air dry creates more tangles, and the volume is a little too much for my taste, so you'll just have to play around with it! I adore the texture it creates for messy fishtail braids, lose buns, or pony tails - score!

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