As a Christmas gift, my grandma surprised me with six beautiful dainty pieces from my favorite jewelry designer! I had so much fun playing with my new camera lens, that I ended up using these photos for a blog post instead of a simple instagram photo like I originally planned on. I love it when that happens!

Every photo below is linked to the actual piece on her website, so you can check out more details. It's funny how the older I get, the more I fall in love with anything gold, and when I was younger I only chose silver. The reason why I love Miranda's jewelry is because her pieces have lasted for years, and they don't look a day older than when I bought them!


This matching set is my favorite! I love the way it looks with my other neckalces, it's great for layering. In MF's collection there is a similar necklace called the Chloe Chocker Necklace, and it's beautiful too, just obviously shorter! 

The bracelet is perfect for a gal who doesn't have tiny wrists, like yours truly, and I always have the hardest time finding bracelets while shopping because no one seems to keep in mind those like me. The size of this Kingsley bracelet is just perfect especially when paired with my watches. 


This is just a beautiful bracelet! Ahh, when paired with the Kingsley bracelet, and watches it simply shines. Because it's a cuff/bangle it only comes in one size that should fit all, except me! Haha. It still saddens me, but I passed it onto my sister and she adores it!


The Jate necklace is absolutely stunning! It's actually a thick, and heavy piece which is what I prefer, because I've noticed it doesn't slide all over. Even with that said though it's still comfortable to wear!

I never layer with this piece because it speaks too much for itself, but it just happens to be the necklace I receive the most compliments while wearing this one out!


Isn't this one super cute? I love the idea of Initial necklaces, but haven't found one I liked until this one. What I love is that from afar it doesn't immediately look like a "j" hanging from my neck, which happens to remind me of third grade, but instead looks like an elegant piece that represents who I am!


I think this is the most clever necklaces of them all. It's the ultimate layering piece because it's super long. If you click on the photo, and see the way it's styled on her website, you'll see how you can double the chain, or let it fall on your back in the perfect open back dress. I layer this necklace with the alpha necklace, and think it looks beautiful together! 

It's what so nice about MF's jewelry, you can enjoy several pieces all at one time! Plus pieces I've had from a few years back are still designed for the same purpose, like the Spike Necklace!

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