sn't this coffee shop the cutest thing ever? Okay, I know I say that every time I explore new one's, but trust me Milk & Honey won't disappoint. Since being at VU I have collected a long list of recommended places to visit (thank you Yelp) and my friends picked this one as our first stop!

I have made some really sweet friends, Ineke and Melissa, who also enjoy mini-photoshoots like me! So they were so excited once I brought my camera out. It was so fun, and we all took portraits of each other! I'm so very thankful for their friendship, and love of adventuring.

So here's a few things about Milk & Honey you should know in case you visit one day. Go during a non-busy time, so around 1pm is ideal. Otherwise, you'll be taking your coffee to-go, as it's a very shop that has around two tables inside. They have an outside patio filled with hanging pots, and string of lights, darling marble little tables, and it honestly feels like an escape from the city. I ordered a peach iced tea, and it was so yummy. I'll definitely be back here soon!


  1. Such a cute little spot! That peach iced tea sounds delicious!

    1. Thanks Emily! It really is darling inside too :)

  2. Your top is precious, girl! And peach tea sounds fantastic right abut now! <3


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