Let Freedom Ring // Nail Tutorial


Fourth of July is just around the corner, and I am getting so excited! I have many things planned and I can't wait! This year I have been enjoying the fashion trends for the "Fourth," and wanted to share some of my own re-creations with you for this holiday's celebration. To get into the Fourth of July spirit here is a really cute and simple nail tutorial. Also I will be having like a mini series of all different projects, recipes, and outfits while we count down the days for the Forth. So keep your eyes on the look out for "Let Freedom Ring," posts because that is the title of this mini series!
What are your plans for the Fourth and what has been your favorite way of getting into the spirit?        

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  1. Love this glittery manicure, the red is such a pretty shade, Thanks for your kind words over at mine, they meant a lot to me!

  2. love the nails! thanks for the comment! Hope you have an amazing 4th of July!



    X x

  3. Nice post! I'm your new follower! I hope you could follow me too and see you in my blog sometimes bashishang.blogspot.com. Thanks! :)

  4. I love how you did the ring finger different.
    I used to be a nail tech and I recognize that trend right off!
    so very pretty.
    Think I'll paint my nails for the 4th. You've inspired me!!

  5. This manicure is so very fitting and super duper cute! Even though I don't live in the US it could be fun to join in on the Stars and Stripes trend for the fourth ;) x

  6. Thank you so much for following me, I'm following you back! kisses


  7. Nice nails http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/

  8. Very nice nail ideas for work I'm not allowed to have nail varnish and I hate it I can't wait to quit and paint my nails all colours!


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