Fitness Wishlist


The past few days have been so nice and cold outside. This kind of weather definitely motivates me to go for a jog and workout as much as I can! Mostly because I can't stand sweating when its blazing hot out. So lately I have been on a fitness/workout kick...while being full of inspiration because of spring! Spring time means cute adorable dresses and pastel colors. What better way get ready for spring/summer then picking up some fitness essentials?! I have been wanting these items for a very long time and slowly over time I was able to buy them all. These few essentials have helped me stay motivated along with helping me in my workout routines. My favorite is the polar watch because I love being able to visually see how many calories I'm burning instead of guessing or assuming how many I've burned. Being able to see a large number of burned calories helps me to keep going and to not give up! I've also been searching for a yoga mat for a while now and I didn't find one until I was browsing around Forever 21. Of all places! I love mine especially when doing sit-ups and stretches, its just really nice to have that extra padding underneath you! What are some of your workout essentials along with some motivation fitness quotes?

 yoga mat / forever 21 : polar watch / amazon : running shoes / sketchers : water bottle / pink


  1. I've been wanting a yoga mat too! Love the quote.

  2. ahh i want one of those polar watches!


  3. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    Yep, those watches can be super motivating!

    Have a great week,

  4. i want that yoga mat and running shoes! :)



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