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Remix archives are one of my favorites. I love being able to visually see all the different ways I can wear my clothes. Shopping for new pieces of clothing is always so fun and selecting styles that are more different for my taste can be a nice change. But I hate it when i buy something that is so unique and different that I cannot layer it with anything else because of how wild the pattern can be. That's why I love buying pieces that have solid colors or that are simple and mild with the patterns. Colored shorts have been my new favorite style, and these coral shorts seem to go with everything! On a different note, I finally got around to creating a Chictopia account!! I think it's such a great site, and another way to enhance my social media. I'd love it if you could stop by and give me a follow, & be sure to comment and let me know if you have one as well so I can return the favor. 

I'm playing around with the idea of creating a Q+A video!! I love being personal here on the blog, but sometimes it can be tricky, worrying about how others view me and my opinions. And when your writing a blog post it's difficult to answer everyones question because of how random some can be! I mean one minute I chat about the weather or my every day to day life, and the next my favorite ice cream? No, it just doesn't work! So that's why I think a video would be the best solution! Write in here, and let me know what kind of questions you'd like to see in the video! Or of course you can comment like crazy on my instagram!


  1. that's such an awesome concept,putting all the different outfits together with the same piece!(: I love remixing pieces,I don't think it's necessary to buy as much new clothes that way! Great job(: giveaway up now!(:

  2. So cute! Love each one! Alex

  3. cute! i think a Q&A video would be so fun to see! XO

  4. Cute outfits! :) I really like the purse in the picture!

  5. I nominated you!

    How can we be a sponsor? :)

    1. I am having some work done on that very subject;sponsorship! By next week It will be up and running with more information! :) Just be patient, I'm trying to speed up the process. :)


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