Four Ways to Style Jeans


Black jeans are one of my favorites. Its great for winner and still spring, well sometimes. Depending on where you live it might still be too cold for dresses and skirts so therefore jeans do the job! Black is a color that works great with bright and bold colors and yet you can make it very mellow with grey and whites. As you can see in the photos above, I tend to use black with black! Soon, I hope to find a colorful blazer because I love color but I sometimes shy away from it because I don't want my outfits to be so bold.

This of course is more of a general way to pair jeans with your outfits. But I tend to go towards the darker blue jeans instead of light washed jeans. Blue jeans are perfect to display different looks such as wearing cowgirl boots, heels, tank tops, and even dresses.
 I am a huge fan of boyfriend jeans because no matter your shape they tend to always be flattering. I also love holes in jeans and boyfriend jeans just seem to give the hole/rips a better look. These jeans are perfect for spring because you can pair more of your light pastel colors! I haven't done many posts with these jeans, so hopefully this spring you'll be seeing many outfits with these cuties.
 These jeans aren't my favorite and tend to be my last jeans I go-to but when your wanting to wear jeans and your tired of your everyday pair, boot cut jeans are a nice change. Plus for a while I was noticing how they have come back in style. These can be more trendy and only last for a little while in fashion but I still think they are flattering and are great for wearing boots underneath.


  1. i love your boyfriend jeans!!


  2. great post!(: I love the boyfriend jeans,where are they from?(:

    1. They are from American Eagle. I love their quality.

  3. Just been scrolling through your blog and it's lovely! I really like how you styled your boyfriend jeans, I need to head to the shops and buy some x


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