Nail polish is one thing I adore, and tend to mix up a lot. I love trying new designs, colors, brands, etc. After years of searching for the best suiting brand for my nails and taste, it's come down to Essie! Everytime I apply a coat of their polish, I receive so many compliments. Not only does it wear the best, but their shades of colors are pretty hard to beat if you ask me! In honor of Spring, I thought I'd give you a peek inside my go-to spring nail polishes at the moment!

1. The Girls Are Out - This color is a pretty light shade of pink! I absolutely hate pink on my nails but this polish is the perfect fit for my nails. This is definitely going to be on my nails this Easter.

2. Jam N' Jelly - Oh my is this color fun and bold! It's a super bright hot pink and I'd say almost neon. Surprisingly, I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy this color a lot. I always enjoy having these splurge- of-the moment polishes, because it's fun having them in my collection.

3. Lapiz of Luxury - Ahh this color is so beautiful. It is a very light shade of baby blue. It's very subtle and will definitely be my go-to color this spring!

4. Chinchilly - This is my favorite color I own in my collection! It's a beautiful purple/gray color, and it wears so nice on my nails. This is the polish I always receive compliments on. I love that I can wear it for any occasion and I never get tired of the color on my nails.


  1. Those are really cute shades. I've never bought the essie brand for myself, but I think I'm more in love with the graphic design on the bottle than the actual nail polish! (I'm more of a shamefully cheapo-nail-polish girl. . .)
    P.s. I loved the photos, btw. :)

  2. I love pastels for spring x

  3. Love these colors and the photo styling! Alex


  4. those colors are so lovely :)


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