Remember that post I did a while back about journaling? Well I thought that now I've shared with you my reasons for journaling, I would throw out a few tips as well! If you're thinking about starting a journal but don't know what to write, what it should look like, not sure if you really have time, then these tips are to convince you to YES start one!

1. FIND A QUIET SPACE. // This is key for me. I would never think of journaling around people, or in a loud environment. I love to crawl up into a small space in my room and write away! It can be anywhere you love and any type of space that makes your thoughts clear, and open. Ideas could be like; wilderness, coffee shop, library, or room.

2. WRITE EVERYTHING. // People will often worry about what in the world to write. My advice is to write everything. Write about your long day at school, coffee date with your mom, first day of driving, college activities, work problems, funny stories, movie nights, etc. Have fun with it, and include details and special things that matter to you.

3. BE VULNERABLE // I think the biggest statement of all is "I would be so embarrassed if someone read that." I know I've felt this way sometimes, I mean what if someone stole my journal and read all about my crushes?! That would be pretty sad, but you know what I think that's all apart of the risk. I truly believe it can be embarrassing to go back and read how I felt about something that I thought mattered so much at the time, but journaling the problem or feeling makes me feel so much better afterwards, it's worth it! Part of keeping a journal is to be open and free to writing anything and everything! Don't hold back because you're afraid it's going to sound stupid, or ridiculous.

4. JOURNAL OFTEN. // This is important, because you don't want to forget anything! I've noticed that when I journal right after something happened, the words are more clear and meaningful. Compared to when I will journal an event that happened a month ago, because then journaling that event seems more like a chore than a special thing for me!


  1. These tips are so true and I completely agree about writing everything and being vulnerable. Just don't let anyone read it and write all your thoughts away. You'll appreciate it in the future ;)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yes I already love going back to the past and seeing all I wrote!!

  2. I used to be into journaling when I was in middle school, and I am soo mortified at all the stuff I wrote about back then! I lovelovelove writing though so I should probably get back into it! :) Thanks for the wonderful tips - these are all soo true!! :)


    1. Oh Amanda you should! I have many pages of misspelled words, & stupid stuff written in all my journals but that's what I love about them! It's filled with a mixture of everything including my flaws! I've enjoyed seeing how I've grown over the years!

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  4. This photo is the prettiest and what great journalling tips too. I've been trying to keep up with my journal more & more and I love it. Happiest weekend, sweets!! xo


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