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Happy With: The way my YouTube channel has been coming along. I love filming videos about tags, beauty, hauls, and style. Even if my views aren't a large number by any means, I enjoy learning more through this art and that's all that matters. Plus photography definitely comes into play with YouTube like the thumbnails. Thumbnails is the photo displayed on the video before you click to play it. Photo styling is my favorite thing in the whole world, so it's right up my alley for styling beauty products for the thumbnails. I'm quite proud of the way they've been turning out, because wheww are they hard to perfect!

Wanting To: Be productive in filming/editing & beginning some fun DIY's! Spring is here, which means a whole lot of inspiration especially through Pinterest and Instagram. I suppose that what happens when you follow companies like PB Teen, Anthropolgy, and Francessca's! I'd love to be able to share a few new tutorials from the crafts I do here on the blog so we shall see *fingers crossed*.

Excited About: Spring Break! Ahh I technically started today, and I'm looking forward to relaxing and doing absolutely nothing...yet still being productive in the hobbies I love haha. I'm trying to plan some fun outings with my girlfriends like coffee date, shopping, movie, lunch, all the good stuff :).

Watching: A lot of old classic movies lately. Classic I mean old 1800 type films such as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Gone With the Wind, Wuthering Heights, & Jane Eyre. Ahh I just adore the beauty of these simple romance movies! Thank goodness I'm on spring break, haha.

Reading: Anne of Green Gables! The movie will forever be my favorite, so reading the book is so fun. Some would say that this would be a bummer but, when I read I can envision the characters from the movie. I typically enjoy creating my own characters and the setting, but I don't particularly mind in this case. Still an old classic, and a beautiful story I will always love.

1. spring is coming! Snapped this beauty while browsing in Trader Joes. // 2. With my girlfriend Emily, celebrating her 18th. // 3. A classic wall selfie with my main squeeze. // 4. some good eatin' at my favorite restaurant. // 5. With my wild and awesome friends at school. 


1. //  Ultimate Spring Break Packing List! Just love this + will come in great use for this summer too.

2. //  Waiting to make these fun confetti sticks. When in doubt throw confetti around. :)

3. // Totally swooning over this calligraphy 101 ecourse! Would love to perfect my cursive/print penmanship.


  1. Anne of green gables brings back so many memories :) congrats on the youtube channel!


  2. Love reading how things are going for you! Miss you so much girlie! Can't wait to see you next year when I come home! ;)

  3. Hope you are having the best spring break ever doing what you love! :-)

    Have a great day,


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