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Today I'm opening up and writing about my opinion on success. Success is something that is the main theme when you're in the blogging world, I'm afraid. Success is something that you begin to think about when college is on it's way. Obviously success is an accomplishment or achievement that you can be proud of. Completing your goals with great purpose and aim. Rather today I'm going to share with you my unique meaning of success.

I believe that success is the terminations of endeavors. Success is a beautiful thing. It's something to admire, and celebrate for others and yourself. It takes hard work and perseverance. You should never be ashamed of your success no matter how big or small, cool or lame. But this is where my opinion comes into play. Success to me isn't the after results of seeing your dreams and goals completed. True success is the first step of faith you take to begin your dreams and goals. It can be scary to begin a task especially when it seems daunting and too big. You might be the type of person who isn't a go-getter, I know I wrestle with this quality off and on. I absolutely hate change so chasing after certain things makes me never want to touch them. Another fear with success is the fact that it might not fall through. Complications and problems may arise. In fact maybe you never reach the point of success, and you fail.

Ah, failure is the fear that cripples our potential to keep seeking. It can hold you back, and cause you to never take that first step towards success of your goals. Overcoming your fears no matter what they may be, (change, failure, embarrassment, etc) takes more courage than anything! If you can be bigger than your fears than I believe that, that is true success in itself.


  1. Beautifully written!! Your success is showing girl in the inspiration that you've showed me:) thanks!!
    I like that: "Your success is showing" haha;)

  2. Ahh the fear of failure. That's always a success stopper.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. You've got a nice blog dear.
    I'm following you via GFC, kindly follow back


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