offee is definitely my favorite and going to a coffee shop is such a special treat! I love to bring my laptop to work on my homework and essays. It's such a calming and soothing atmosphere for me! Now that it's summer, I thought I'd share 3 of my favorite drinks I love to order at Starbucks, and I tried to share a variety - frappe, or iced tea!

This one is just an original, the caramel frappuccino. It's more sugary than the rest, but it's my go-to when I cant decide what I feel like having. I can't lie, the only reason why I order it is because of the caramel drizzle on the top. To spice things up, I love the salted caramel, but sadly the last few times I've ordered it, people don't charge me for it right. But, plain caramel is great too.

Green tea frappe is something you definitely have to have a taste for. My friends love it, so I thought i'd throw it in with the mix. Here I ordered it with no whip and it was really tasty. The green tea iced tea is really good too.

Black iced tea is my favorite tea from Starbucks! It's so refreshing and tasty. I only ask for 2 pumps of sweetener when I order the largest size because anymore than that is too sweet. I love to order the large size because a refill is just 50 cents, and you can re-fill it with iced coffee, or anyother one of their teas! Definitely a go-to fave! 


  1. I'm always a fan of coffee no matter the season, but summer is when my iced coffee obsession takes a whole new level! Gotta love the options at Sbux...also, I had no idea about the 50 cent refill - thanks, girl!

    1. Yeah isn't that great? It' s one reason why I order iced coffee haha


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