ily is just the cutest pup around, so it's obvious that taking photos of her is a must! Lily weighs 5 pounds, so she's very tiny. Tiny puppies = hard to get attention! Big dogs are easy to take photos of, but not Lily! Lily will refuse to look at the camera, or look directly at me for a photo, so it's a tricky thing when doing a photo shoot with her! Dogs get distracted easily, owners run out of ideas, and every sound you can think of is used to grab your dog's attention. By this point, you're over it and frustrated. That's where these tips come into play! Hope they help you like they have for me! 

                            HAVE TREATS ON HAND 
This is the key for getting your pet's attention. (Duh right?) Just hold the treat or toy directly above your camera lens, and it makes your life as a photography ten times easier! Plus it's nice to give a reward for torturing them to pose for the camera. But if your dog is anything like mine, then this won't be a huge problem considering Lily loves the camera, ha! If treats don't work because of how excited your pet can be, then try to get their attention by calling their name by using different voices and sound pitches. I have to do this all the time, along with making some strange sounds! But all of this is worth it for some great photos. 

                                        USE PROPS 
Of course you cannot have a cute photo without props! I love having a patterned blanket underneath where my dog is laying, or add in a cute leash and collar for your pet! Plus i love adding a pop of color into the photo considering Lily is white! 

You of all people know your pets and their personality. You know where they like to take naps, play with toys, etc. When does your pet look the cutest? Is it when they yawn, play with toys, sleep, or on a walk? Lily is super cute when she stands next to me because it makes her look tiny and she has a soft face! 

                             WINDOW LIGHT 

This is the most important part in capturing the perfect photo of your pet. Many times we see photos of pet with their "devil eyes" and this is because many people just use their flash instead of finding natural light. So when you are taking indoor photos turn OFF your flash to get more clear images. Position your back to the window with your pet facing you, facing the window! I usually use this method every time i take indoor photos and it works like a charm. 

                                            POSE WITH YOUR PETS

This is my favorite method to use when photographing my pets! I love looking back and having these sweet moments with my dogs!! Whether it's when you're out walking, cuddling on the couch, or playing ball in the park, all are great times to snap a few shoots! 


  1. So cute! Great tips <3 Alex


  2. Your blog is super super cute! I love what you've done to the design!
    It would be lovely if you checked out mine:)
    Kate xo

  3. These are great tips (and such a cute little girl)! I've only tried taking photos of pets with their family members twice and it was quite difficult to get them to cooperate - but the kids were just as difficult! I should keep these things in mind next time.

  4. Your dog really is cute!

    Have a great weekend,

  5. Cuti cuti little beautiful pussy cat. I like so much.


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