have to admit, I've become one of those office supply junkies! Anything covered in gold glitter, or mini items with polka dots on them, you can bet I own them. This school year I ditched the binders and decided to change my system and create more of a filing system, like an office. Folders, clothes pins, paper clips, and mini staplers, are now apart of my school supplies! However, I realize not everyone is in school, therefore I've created a list that everyone should keep beside their laptop for their office/desk. Let's dive in!

1. Portable Phone Charger: I bought one specifically for my trip to Oahu last summer, and it's so handy! I love having it to throw in my purse so it's with me everywhere I go. It's great to keep with you either at class, or your desk.

2. Snacks: If you work in an office, this one is a must! My first week of starting my first official part time office job, I didn't have any food, or physical items that I use daily, and it was a challenge. When your staring at a computer screen for hours on end, you start feeling sluggish and it becomes hard to stay focused. I love to keep almonds, peanuts, beef jerky, gluten free cinnamon and honey crackers, and popcorn by my side at all times, because I tend to get light headed if I don't eat! Bad, I know. Oh and don't forget about that bottled water too, it really does help!

3. Day Planner: Ah, this thing goes everywhere I do! I never know who may have a question about my schedule, and I will babysit on the side, so I always need to know my week that's ahead of me. This is great to have as well, in case your boss asks you to take on more hours than what's expected for the week!

4. Playlist: I know, this tip isn't physical, but it sure lifts my spirits and therefore is an essential. My first week of starting my work I was so bored, and felt tired quickly. Once I added music into my routine for logging into the computer, I was set to go!

5. Gum: Never know when your gonna need a breath refresher after lunch, or for a meeting! And...not gonna lie I can finish a pack in a week!

6. Notepad: This one is a given, but I like to keep inspirational and cute notebooks around to jot down any thoughts I have during the day when I'm at the office. It keeps my life more organized, and honestly it makes my space look adorable!

7. Wallpaper: Yep, a cute desktop wallpaper background puts a smile to my face overtime I sit down and log in! Seems silly, but an inspiration quote seems to do the trick, and it's a great reminder for the rest of my day!

8. Hair Ties: I love to keep the decorated one's from Forever 21 in my desk, because they won't hurt your head and cause a headache! Plus bobby pins are great to keep, because I can go from beauty waves to an elegant up-do in a snap.

9. Eyeshadow Primer: Ever wear any glittery shadows, or smokey eye makeup looks? Well, you probably know what it's like to have your eyeshadow crease, or when it needs to be retouched. I've found that primer does the job, by simply using a tad on your ring finger and it instantly removes the harsh lines.

10. Flats/Heels: Depending on your style at work, but after a long day heels can be very uncomfortable. To make the day a little more bearable, throw on some flats and you'll be set!

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    I would be interested in guest posting here if that is ever a possibility.:)


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