'm so excited to announce a fun little series on the blog for this week and it's all about friendship. Here and there my hope is to chose an interesting topic to discuss for one week to dive deeper into understanding and learn more about a particular something. Nothing in this world is better than best friends, and since mine are home from college it's made me miss them more than I realized. So what's better than diving into friendship this week? Today, I'm sharing some great ways to help a down and out friend who is in need of her girls by her side to cheer her up! Have any writing prompts you'd like to see me talk about here on the blog this week? Grab a cup of coffee, text your friend you love her, and enjoy three friendship posts coming your way!

If your friend is going through a breakup...
Breakups aren't easy, and they take time to get over and fully heal. During this time, don't tell your friend that she messed up, or that there's many fish in the sea. Instead, show up with ice cream, and a classic chick flick that can lighten the mood, make her forget about her problems, and spend the night laughing. Boost her confidence with ensuring her strong character, beautiful appearance, and wonderful personality that anyone would die to have in a relationship!

If your friend loses a loved one...
This is the hardest thing any person could go through in life, and as a friend how do you even be there for your friend? What kind of friend do you become? The conversations, mood, and events all change. My advice during this time wouldn't be to constantly say "I'm sorry. I know it must be so hard. I cannot even imagine." Instead, know that in certain moments words aren't even needed, yet the company can be enough. In this time, comfort, support, and love are the most important aspects to offer to your friend. Don't be afraid to open up and share wonderful memories, and stories about the person your mourning over. Nothing is more needed than to cherish over past events with that loved one.

If your friend is ill...
Either critically ill, or just dealing with a cold send them an uplifting card encouraging them to feel better. Share some comforting scripture with them, letting them know that God is in control. A few years ago I had emergency surgery for my mouth, and the greatest gift I received from my friends was a phone call wanting to pray for me. Knowing that they were concerned for my health brought much joy!

If your friend was laid off...
This subject is a bit touchy, because your friend may be very vulnerable, upset, and low self esteem. Instead of trying to shop, or go to a fancy dinner to take things off their mind, try a baking session, or coffee outing as money may be difficult unlike before. During this time, my advice would be just to listen, and be positive for your friend. Don't go crazy with the benefits of leaving a certain company, or come with a list of businesses hiring, yet just remind your friend that perhaps when a door closes, another one opens.


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  2. Oh my gosh! This is great! I just found your blog through Someone Like You blog. Im totally looking forward to this friendship series! Following you on FB- it won't let me follow on GFC, not sure why. :) Hope you can come visit my bloggie too. I am currently blogging my travels, but love doing topics on friendship, faith, and life wanderings too.

    God bless,
    Ethical Fashion + Faith

  3. This is a truly beautiful series, and one much needed I think. It's a refreshing reminder to BE a friend! As someone who has been through some of these situations, I can honestly say friendships hurried the healing and I am blessed to have such wonderful people float into my life. However, it is important to be that person to someone else as well.



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