o happy Sunday is here!! I feel like I'm full swing into my classes now, and I have a pretty good schedule with figuring out how to be productive everyday. I thought it was about time for a 'Sunday Morning Readings' post, and share some articles I loved this week.

I've been out of this blogging world for a few weeks just adjusting to college, so it felt so good to play catch up with all my favorite bloggers and even YouTubers. Anything you've been loving lately?

The Blogger:
The Everygirl is a huge blog, filled with great resources. It reminds me of a magazine type of set up, and I love it. One post that was published a few days ago really spoke to me. It was titled "How to Be a Better Listener With Your Friends." LOVE! Everything was right on, and so important for a friendship to last, and become strengthened. I hate it when my girlfriends interrupt me when talking, so it was a good reminder to not do that either, haha.

Wishlist Item: 
One item I've had my eye on is a new phone case. Rifle Paper Co always has the cutest. I just upgraded my phone to a iPhone 6 plus, and so it's a legit purchase I can justify, haha. Needing to make a trip to Anthro soon.

The YouTuber: 
I loved watching Ashley's video of a Charleston travel guide. She gave such wonderful recommendations, and it made me want to visit myself. Her videos are always such high quality, so check it out.

Instagram Account: 
One account I recently followed is called Moral Revolution. I love the type of posts they do weekly. It's an account built for awareness towards Christianity, along with encouragement on how to keep the faith. They discuss myths, lies, and even truths to know via bible verses. Give them a follow!

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