Freshman Photo Shoot


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, i know i did! I was able to get together with my awesome friend this weekend for a photo shoot! I'm so excited to have these photos...i am going to count them as my Freshman year school photos! My friend's name is Alexandra Gault and her photography name is Simplicity Photography please check her out she has amazing prices and is so very talented! Here is her website I couldn't be more happy with the photos she took of me! Thanks so much!!


  1. Aw, your photos turned out so pretty!! I absolutely love the light in the 5th one from the top - what a fun way to spend your weekend. Off to check out your friends photography site! xo veronika

  2. @Girl & Closet thank you so much for checking my blog out!It really means alot. I hope you follow me. I also checked yours out...its amazing & i'll be sure to follow yours. ~xo Jen~

  3. Cool pics! =D I think your blog is beautiful and I can't wait to hear more from you! Bye!

  4. Sorry that I am replying late. I love the pictures! You are so gorgeous! I love the lighting in the pictures and Alex did an amazing job!! Oh and cute hair styles in the pics!

    1. Aw thank you Kelly :) I know Alex is an amazing photographer :) Everyday she gets better :) Aw thanks i tried to mix it up alot hahaha


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