A Few Of My Favorite Songs


I thought I'd share with you some songs that have helped me in so many ways. One of the songs Is "What Love Is This" by Kari Jobe. This song is so encouraging to me because It reminds me that Jesus Is all I need. His love for me Is greater than anything! Another song I love Is "How He Loves" by David Crowder Band. My favorite verse In the song Is "He Is jealous for me." God loves me so much that He's jealous for me! That to me Is absolutely amazing. And the last song I'll share with you is "What Love Really Means" by JJ Heller. It's a gorgeous song. The words In this song are so powerful, that sometimes It brings me to tears. The message In each song Is so beautiful, and uplifting. I hope you enjoy these songs, and that they can help you through your struggles in life...just like It helped me. I encourage you to check out more of these artist, all of their songs are so awesome! Thanks.


  1. I love the songs you mentioned- especially the first and last songs. So very encouraging. They have been songs that I really found encouraging in my life : ) great post!!!

    1. Thank you :) Yes me too....always so uplifting

  2. Hey Jenna, I wanted to let you know I awarded you over on my blog- http://encouragementforeverydaystruggles.blogspot.com/2012/10/awards.html


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