Hey everyone hope you've all had an amazing weekend. I thought I would share with you all my sweet Lily. She is my Maltese, two years old, and she only wietghs 5 lbs. When I was little I always wanted a little white puppy. It was a dream of mine to have a small puppy that I could pick up and cuddle with. So when I was thirteen years old my mom surprised me with her one night! I was so excited and happy. She was a dream come true. Lily is the sweetest, and most adorable dog ever. I am so thankful I was able to get her. <3 data-blogger-escaped-a="a" data-blogger-escaped-and="and" data-blogger-escaped-are="are" data-blogger-escaped-br="br" data-blogger-escaped-her="her" data-blogger-escaped-here="here" data-blogger-escaped-lily="lily" data-blogger-escaped-now.="now." data-blogger-escaped-of="of" data-blogger-escaped-photos="photos" data-blogger-escaped-puppy="puppy" data-blogger-escaped-she="she" data-blogger-escaped-some="some" data-blogger-escaped-was="was" data-blogger-escaped-when="when">




  1. I had a white puppy like her too but I had to return her to her mother because she was losing so much weight and didn't eat. :( I cried when I gave her back.

    1. Aw that's so sad! When I was little I ha another small dog...but she ran away. It was very sad! That's why I have Lily now haha :]

  2. She's so cute!! :) She kind of looks like a dog of my mine, too. :)


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