This week I had the opportunity to go to Hollywood with my youth group to help serve for this one ministry called Hope Again. Hope again is a Christian organization who helps the homeless and takes them in to provide food and shelter...until they can find a job. And the best part about this ministry is they share the gospel with anyone they can meet! Anyways, many churches including mine donated food and clothing. So when I was there we all helped with sorting and organizing food, clothes, and even cleaning. Everyone was so nice and so kind. It was such a blessing being able to go and help. Later that night we had dinner and my Pastor gave a little sermon for all the people who lived there (the homeless people). We had a time to share our testimonies or maybe something that God has put on our hearts. To hear these people's stories was so touching. They were so on fire for The Lord. Here they have lost everything, and yet they were so focused on God and his plan for them. This experience just really showed me how truly blessed I am for all that I have. And that serving for me was such a rewarding experience in so many ways.


i thought this was such a neat movie theatre!


  1. Hollywood was so much of a fun and great experance! it was so much fun with you! i hope we get to do it again next year :) -Amy Arnold

    1. Hey Amy!! Yes i had a ton of fun with you too. Already looking forward to next year as well <3


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