do the impossible


Everything with God is possible. Absolutely everything. Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible." Sometimes I have dreams of helping people around the world, or wanting to do something extraordinary for people. Some days I think to myself it would be an amazing experience to take one year off after college and join a bible college group up in Hume Lake to travel to different places for mission trips and to seek God even more. I would love to start a ministry to help kids who don't have shoes, or food, or even clothing. To help those who are sick and in need of medical care. Sometimes I think that my dream of helping and starting this ministry is just too impossible. No way could I at sixteen start a ministry like that for people around the world. No way could I move to a different country or state to go preach God's word. But nothing is too big for the Lord. Nothing is impossible with him. With praying and seeking his word I know he will show me the way. I have always been amazed at missionary work and loved the idea of being such a help for others. Who knows maybe God will call me into missionary work or maybe he won't. I want to encourage you today not to put aside your dreams just because you think it is too big or too impossible. Matthew 19:26 "And Jesus looking upon them said to them, With men this impossible; but with God all things are possible."


  1. I love reading your posts and this one is so good. I love doing missions work as well and wish I could start or help kids in some way. They are all so precious and God cares for each one!
    I was wondering if you designed your blog yourself, because I wanted to know if you designed your social media icons or if you found them online! They are adorbs!!!!!

    1. I did not design it I paid someone to do it for me :)

  2. Awesome post Jenna! I love your blog so much!! This post it truly so inspiring- thanks for reminding me that through God anyone can overcome the impossible things! You are such an amazing person and you are truly being used by God!

  3. Amen sister, thanks for sharing.

    I have needed this...I am about to graduate from Uni and a lot of things in my head about my future. but reading this become blessing to me.


  4. Such a cute and inspiring post, it's made my day!
    Chloe Xx


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