home for the holidays


 I am so happy the weekend is here! Saturday I was able to have a nice quiet, relaxing celebration with my grandma! I'm not able to see her very often because she lives a few hours away, so it was so nice being able to visit with her. Our day consisted of board games, Christmas movies, and a special dinner. It was the perfect way to start off my Christmas break! I survived my finals, and I am finally able to breath once again. I really felt like this year the test wasn't very hard, mostly because I was well prepared, but there's something about taking a long test that always freaks me out! My stress level is high and the pressure of receiving a high grade is always what I panic about. But I finished and this final is now behind me! I am also relieved to say that I completed all my homework for break, therefore I'm hoping my break will consists of nothing but enjoyable moments and relaxing nights! 

                (shirt, F21: jeans, American Eagle: high heels, T.J Maxx: leather jacket, Target: necklace, F21)


  1. loving your super beautiful backdrop! you look absolutely lovely :) glad you were able to spend the weekend with your grandmother relaxing.

  2. I love the shoes and the necklace, very cute :)

  3. Love your outfit and the place you are! Beautiful! :)

  4. Love the fall look, Jenna! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  5. I love the photos of the leafs flying in the air! Great shots. :)

  6. Hello Jenna!
    So nice to meet you officially through the blog world! I would love to learn more about you, but the link titled "New Reader Start Here!" only brings me to photobucket.com. Where do you live? Do you have to travel out of town to go to college? What Church denomination are you apart of?

    I admire how you capture your unique style within the perimeters of this wonderful blog! For me, transparency is a very important attribute when a person blogs, and you have pulled this off beautifully! Remain steadfast in His truths and you will always be blessed wherever you go!

    I hope to get to know you better!

    Forever in Him,

    The eldest sister & singer

  7. Oh yes that's right, I am still working on a few things...it will be up shortly, I promise! :) Thank you so much for stopping by. I absolutely love your blog, and I love meeting new bloggers.

  8. Great jacket and necklace. Happy holidays.


  9. Love your shoes, that heel is so perfect:) And you're really pretty, you make me think of someone but I can't remember who haha:) Congrats on finishing your exams, mine start in january and I can say my stress level is also VERY high!!:p Enjoy christmas time with your family:)

  10. Lovely look! I love your nail color!


  11. woot congrats on surviving finals! and your afternoon with your grandma sounds so sweet :) i hope every day is like that for you back home!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. Really great outfit! I looove leather jackets & yours look totally awesome! That little Eiffel tower necklace is so cute! :)


  13. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, ❤️

  14. I have the same necklace- haha! Merry Christmas!! Alex


  15. love the eiffel tower necklace! u look amazing!

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter

  16. Such a beautiful scenery! And your necklace is gorgeous!
    Have a nice day :)
    xo Kat

  17. Oh, btw, how did you get the landscape shots to be the same length as the portraits?

    1. Its really easy, I'll let you know when I see you.

  18. Lovely outfit! And lovely scenery!


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