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I've been on the hunt for some ivy covered walls lately, and while I was spotting the perfect location for this outfit, I discovered this wall that's literally by my house! I just think it's the perfect backdrop for summer! This location is around my neighborhood community lake which I walk around all the time, and I cannot believe I didn't notice it before.I saw these gorgeous old walls everyday when I was in Westwood for those few weeks, while my dad was having radiation treatment, and I never got tired of the view. That's one thing I admire about old cities; the architecture and terrain. Everything is unique and fully grown. Where I live, everything is new and nothing is corky or off the wall. I like new and modern but the abstract building walls, or wild ivy fences always seem to inspire me. 

shirt/Hume Lake clothing store :: shorts/Target :: flip flops/Payless :: 
gold earrings/Windsor :: purse/Tilly's 


  1. you are too cute!


  2. backdrop is perfect, you found an awesome spot! I love this outfit for summer so laid back but chic!
    Kristin xx

  3. Love this outfit and the location! Also, McDonalds Iced Coffees are my favorite!

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  5. Such a simple cute outfit! I need to get more cutesy t-shirts like that one! :) And I loove old buildings and neighborhoods! That ivy wall is awesome! :D

  6. You have a great smile and I love your hair

  7. The area by your house is so pretty! I love the ivy walls! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  8. you are so pretty! love the outfit. lovely photos :)

  9. Aw, hey there pretty lady!! Love this summery look and that wall + location. Absolutely stunning!! Sorry to hear your dad went through radiation treatments - I'm assuming he's fine now. Sending my love!! xoxo

  10. So cute, Jenna!! Alex

  11. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    You are so cute and I love how this set of photos turned out!

    Have the best weekend ever,

  12. I love the outfit, looks totally like something I would wear. I also love the ducks...seriously...ducks...seriously. You have no clue. Also your eye makeup is fantastic...and your eyebrows are perfect. Is that weird? I don't think I've ever complimented someone's eyebrows before...that's a bit awkward. Whatever, you have great eyebrows.

    1. Haha no, I wouldn't consider it a weird compliment! But thanks for stopping by :)


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