I've been asked this question frequently, and from time to time I even ask myself the same question. I've expressed multiple times here on the blog, that blogging is a challenge especially in a community where everyone is fighting for the same special spotlight attention! It takes years of hard work as a blogger to get noticed and make it big. When your focus is to make money through blogging and have a high following rate, then your content, and photography becomes more of a concern. You began to put in more effort, and spend more time on the internet advertising about your blog. I have to admit, when your putting in so much time and effort through your blog, and you have done so for years, you probably start to wonder when you'll ever make it big! And right now is about the time, you'll ask yourself "how to not let blogging become a chore." Wondering where did all that passion go, and why don't you have that same spark of interest anymore for your blog. For two years now I've been blogging, and I've had to ask myself this question as well. Recently I wrote down some answers to my questions regarding my blog, and I was able to figure out why often times my passion for blogging runs dry. Along with narrowing it all down, I also concluded my thoughts with some suggestions and ideas, so that I no longer have to ask myself this question ever again!

 Blog with others. Having blogger friends can make everything better. My best friend is a blogger & it helps tremendously to be able to talk about blogging in general and all your ideas for the future. Not everyone understands the blogging community, or why it's so important, so it's nice to have that support from those who do understand, and know exactly what your going through. Also when your able to open up about your ideas and your blog, it creates even more inspiration and clever new posts.

 Give yourself alone time, off the internet. It's okay to take a break, and disconnect with social media. Sometimes as bloggers we need time spent away from our laptops and Facebook accounts, because it can become draining. It's a lot to catch up on, and always feeling like you need to post and interact with other blogs can become to much to take in all the time. Whenever I give myself a little mini-getaway from blogging and social media, I'm able to reconnect with a different mindset and more appreciation and love for blogging.

 Switch up the locations. When your always blogging in one place all the time, it can become boring, and lacking the excitement we need to keep creating as bloggers. I love to take my laptop and grab a cup of coffee and find a little corner so I can work on whatever I need to. Coffee shops are just great like that because your able to get out, and yet still be focused on your blog. Another great location is the library. It's nice to have that atmosphere around you! But I must admit, my favorite location is down stairs in my family room and get all cozy with a blanket and soft pillow, with a movie playing in the background, so that I can take a break in between my blogging.

 Go back to your roots. Think about why you choose to blog in the first place, and what your goals were in the beginning. It can be anything, like a certain type of post series, fashion shoots, fun DIY's, or even a journal about your life. Whatever the reason is, go back to that and try to start blogging on that foundation.

 Stay true to who you are as a blogger. I think it's easy to get sucked into what everyone else is doing, and the way they tend to blog, so therefore we automatically follow their route instead of our own. When we don't stay true to the content we love to post, and end up following others ideas, we lose our spark of interest in blogging as a whole. If your into beauty posts, but yet realizes that every other blog is only doing fashion post and you start to jump on that bandwagon as well, I promise that it will be harder for you to love what your doing.


  1. You are lucky to have a best friend that blogs! None of my friends blog so no one really understand blogging.... oh well. I still love it. And I have made some great only friends.

  2. I loved this advice! I've had a few times where I felt lacking in creativity, and like I wasn't happy with my content. I took ten days off and felt so much better for it! x


  3. i love these tips!



  4. nice tips :) <3

    tasha x


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