Feeling uninspired to do anything kinda sucks! It's an icky feeling, and one that's hard to get rid of sometimes. So today I have come up with a few solutions that I think will cure the uninspired emotion we all get once in a blue moon! These are ways that really help me and make me feel more full of energy, and inspired to live life to it's fullest!

1. Find a new muse. This tip may not be new to you, but trust me it helps tremendously. It can be anything to a new TV series to watch, re-creating an old project, or enjoying a new band. Have fun with it and keep your eyes out for anything that sounds enjoyable to you, keeping in mind your likes and dislikes.

2. Carry a journal. No matter where I am, or what I'm doing that day I always keep a notebook with me to jot down fresh ideas. I keep one in my purse, beside my bed, and even in my backpack! It's easy to forget ideas, so writing them down helps, and talking out loud about your ideas also spark new inspirations.

3. Create an up-beat playlist. I don't know about you, but oh man does music have a pull on me. I tend to gravitate towards the music that matches my emotions. It's a given fact that for me, it doesn't help listening to depressing music when I'm feeling low. So when you're feeling down, create a playlist of songs that make you happy and excited, and crank that volume up!!

4. Go to your favorite location. Getting away out of your comfort zone or even everyday habitat can help in more ways than one. I love to clear my thoughts, and focus on starting over and fresh. Spending time at your favorite place can make you more energized and happy.

5. Clean up your space. Picking up everything that's around you, can make you feel less cluttered or bogged down. I always have to make sure everything is organized or my room is cleaned, before doing anything that day. A messy atmosphere can cause more stress and chaos.


  1. Love this list & post. All such great reminders... I definitley love the idea of finding new music/muse to get re-inspired, and yes, yes, to keeping a clean space. I'm always beautifying & it helps a ton. Lovely Sunday to you, sweets!! xo

  2. Great ideas! Thanks! I also learned that taking a shower helps you wake up and feel like new.


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